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Pediatric neurology

PEDIATRIC NEUROLOGY SPECIALIST EXAMINATION The examination of pediatric neurologist is an examination in childhood, and it is done by a pediatric neurologist. A pediatric neurologist is a specialist for childhood illnesses.

In the neuropediatric ambulance of Polyclinic Glavić the doctor that regularly orders is doc. dr. sc. Radenka Kuzmanić-Šamija, pediatric specialist and pediatric neurology subspecialist, from the pediatric neurology department of KBC Split.
Examinations of a specialist include brain ultrasound, EMNG, check-ups and other pediatric neurology examinations.
The pediatric neurology examination includes:
Neurodevelopmental examination is necessary in infants with following problems:
• Uncoordinated arm, head and body movements appeared without any external stimuli or procedures during the child care
• Difficulties with feeding and swallowing or refusing sucking and swallowing during feeding
• Tremor – trembling of the extremities
• Long lasting cry that is not induced with exterior stimuli, often high-pitched, pervasive, or low
• Child bending in a bow shape while in a calm lying position or while managing the child's movements
• 'too tight' or too loose infant
After their infant phase, children with neurological risk factor, but also children without any known neurological risk factors, can have signs of neurodevelopmental disorders, as follows:
• Behavioral disorders, speech development disorders
• Clumsiness, i.e.continuous falling
• ADHD – hyperactivity with attention disorder
• Autism, mental retardation
• Cerebral paralysis
• Sleep disorders
• Difficulties in school, problematic behaviour

2) NEUROLOGICAL EXAMINATION – examination of children with neurological diseases that appear in childhood, such as:
• Epilepsy
• Headache
• Syncope, collapse / sudden unconsciousness
• Febrile convulsions
• Other problems related to the child's neurological system, and
• Examination of the patient's health condition for the beginning of neurorehabilitation with robotics.

All mentioned above is estimated in relation to the age of the child, i.e. it is necessary to estimate each child individually according to his/her real age, as well as the age of adopted activities, and to diagnose a regular neurodevelopment or neurodevelopmental disorders in infancy.
Treatment and rehabilitation begins with diagnosis. Since the basic feature of the childhood is growth and development, it is necessary to have regular check-up of neurodevelopment with the neuropediatrist.

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