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General physical medicine

A member of our team of experts is also M.D. Petra Miklić Malenica, physical medicine specialist, complementing her expertise with additional education in Croatia and abroad (2006 Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar in Rehabilitation Medicine, 2009 European School Marseille - Trigger point therapy, 2015 acupuncture in treating painful conditions).

You regularly apply your knowledge when performing patient screening in the therapy and neurorehabilitation program at the most advanced robotics in our Polyclinics.

In addition to the specialist examinations, Dr. Miklić Malenica applies preparations that are a method of treating degenerative joint diseases (injection applications) and acupuncture treatments in the treatment of pain syndromes.

In our professional team as an external associate for Dr. med. FEBPRM Nikolina Kristić-Cvitanović who is currently working as a physicist specialist at the Zagreb Children's Disease Clinic. His education and expertise complemented the European Board of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine with a 50-year tradition of education of the highest quality doctors in Europe, with special knowledge in the area of neurorehabilitation and prosthetics. It is also subspecified for children's examinations based on the completed Bobath course for children.

Your knowledge is regularly applied to patients who are in therapy and neurorehabilitation programs at the most technologically advanced robotics in our Polyclinics in Zagreb and Dubrovnik. In addition to the specialist examinations, Dr. Kristić-Cvitanović also deals with ultrasound diagnosis of musculo-skeletal disorders and application of the most up-to-date methods of treating degenerative diseases as well as acupuncture therapy.



Symptoms and diseases in which acupuncture therapy is helpful are:

  • painful conditions (headache, neuralgia, lumboischialgia, spondylosis ...)
  • rheumatic diseases
  • degenerative diseases of the spine and joints
  • extracellular rheumatism (tendinitis, entezitis, periarthritis - painful shoulder)
  • fractures and sports injuries
  • neurological diseases (weakness, paresis and paralysis of peripheral nerves, post-stroke condition)



Trigger point (trigger) implies a sensitive area in the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin and joint. It is characterized by local and iradiozional pressure pain, depending on the type. An active trigger point causes local or distressed discomfort and pain, and latent only local if it is idle.

The spread of pain in the environment of the pain is characteristic for each point, which means that pressure on a point may cause distressed pain by the pattern of the point at hand. A chronic tricuspid may sometimes give an image of inflammatory degenerative diseases with stiffening of individual or group of joints. Usually the size of the needle eye is up to the size of the pea. It's not always easy to find them.

They may be due to acute (chronic) chronic overload of the muscles, anatomical anomalies, psychological factors (stress, fear), chronic infections, metabolic disorders (lack of vitamins C and B6) or resulting from over-consumption of coffee or alcohol.

Acute thoracic spots may cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, sinus and lower jaw pain, local and distal neck pain, various extremities, chest and abdomen, spinal cord and back musculature, and untreated can result in asymmetry of the locomotor system and its even greater consequences .

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