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GLARTH walk rehabilitation
Ekso GT

With exercises on Ekso GT the activity, endurance and mobility potential is increased. With it, patients master the learning of proper standing and walking and independence is encouraged.

First in Croatia in Polyclinic Glavić! Ekso GT has been designed to help in re-learning how to stand and walk properly in many neurological and orthopedic damages, especially after suffering a stroke and spinal injuries. Ekso GT includes a package of programs which help patients in balance, weight change and steps before walking, and its sensors and software continually follow and regulate the movement of the legs to reduce the compensatory shifts.

It improves functional balance outside the device in people who have lost balance due to illnesses. Clinical evidences imply that including the EksoGT exercise also improves the walking distance. Beside balance and walking distance, rehabilitation with the eksoskelet improves the speed of movement, which is essential for good functionality of patients. Ekso GT is designed to help patients learn again how to stand and walk properly after a stroke or spinal injuries. Exercises on Ekso GT increases activity, endurance and the mobility potential.

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