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GLARTH walk rehabilitation

Andago is a device which ensures stability and safety during the walk, quality of the posture and releases from the fear of free walking. With a lot of practice and effort it can move the patient away from the other walking aids in his routine.

One of the safest robotic devices for intensive walk training and the biggest support in the final phase of the rehabilitation of the patient with the walk deficit due to various neurological, orthopedic or cardiovascular damages. Patients in the upright position and without the help of the hands are able to train with full extensions and balance in the hip, as a support in the body weight of the patient.

Andago provides opportunity for a correct side weight change as the key component for walking, and this way it is helping patients to walk as natural and stable as possible. A simple and innovative design on the principle of automatic sensory monitoring of patients, provides safety to the patients during the walk and also shows key results on every improvement of the patient through the USB stick. It helps patients with stroke consequences, traumatic brain injuries, patients with paraplegia, cerebral paralysis, multiple sclerosis, spinal muscle atrophy, and with muscle weakness due to lack of mobility, etc.

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