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It is based on the motivation of patients encouraged with fun video games. This concept seeks a specific movement from the patient, activating the aimed muscle group.

Armeo Spring is adaptable to the anatomy of all patients because, with the help of the exoskeleton with integrated springs, it includes the whole arm, from the shoulder to the hand, and helps make active movements along with software video games. With the help of this robot, it is done the work on the action in the arm from the shoulder to the hand, and with the exercises that include the whole peninsula, it is increased the intensity of the usage of components in the most natural way. It is unique because it records even the slightest movement of the arm.

The integrated sensors record every movement of the joints during exercises. Those data are later used to compare and document the patient’s improvement. Exercising on the Armeo device encourages a more significant interaction of the patient with the device, leading to a higher independence of the arm’s movement. Examples of our patients show incredible advancements in everyday activities, making their lives less dependable on others.

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