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The main goal of physical therapy and rehabilitation is to improve and renew the patient's functional ability and life quality with physical damage or changes that influence the brain, spinal cord, nerves, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

It is also a goal to increase patients' independence in everyday activities while raising their quality of life, ultimately influencing their self-confidence.

1 out of 4 people experience some mental health difficulty during their life. In the fight against the development of the disease, the therapists and the physical therapist are the ones that have an essential role.

Appropriate activities in physical therapy protect from depression appearance, prevent the development of mental health problems and improve the quality of life.

Physical activity, as part of physical therapy, positively influences heart work and the improvement of joints and bones. At the same time, people with depression are less prone to stop exercising if they have the support of physiotherapists.

In physical therapy, our physiotherapists have an essential role in goal achievement. The physiotherapist is here to comprehend the patient's problem and work with them on the program development that is individually adapted to their needs. The therapist also secures realistic and achievable goals; most importantly, they are the primary motivator and adjust the program according to the patient's improvement.

Regular physical therapies that are carried out in Polyclinic Glavić are as follows:
• Electrotherapy (TENS, galvanic current, interferential current)
• Ultrasound
• Laser
• Magnetotherapy
• Sport rehabilitation
• Massages
• Exercises for motorists and fine motorists
• Exercise precision, movement coordination, and balance
• Individual and group physiotherapy exercises
• Education etc.

In Polyclinic Glavić, we are also conducting the following physical therapies and techniques: Bobath for adults, Bobath for children, Ciriax A and B, PNF1, PNF2, PNF3, Mirror therapy, Normal movement, Maes, Kaltenborn 4 levels, Ktape 1, Ktape 2, Neurodynamics, Manual technique basics, Maes basics, Easy tape, Emmtech, Aleksandar technique, Feeding therapy, Schroth level 1 and 2, Maitland.

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