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Every day we witness great successes, beautiful stories and big steps…
Seven-year-old Leona. Always smiling. Loved. Persistent. This is her story that gives HOPE to people… Brushing her teeth. Combing hair. An independent step. Going to a kindergarten. Going to school. Things that people consider being a usual life activity, to Leona is a goal that she is trying to achieve for years. A mutual underdevelopment of brain neurons, pachygyria, polymicrogyria, dysarthria…this is how Leona’s diagnosis sounded like. This made for a little girl many obstacles in life that she successfully got over thanks to GLARTH METHOD of treatment and to the team of the Glavić Polyclinic. Mum Vrtjel didn’t accept the negative prognosis and has contacted with TRUST the Glavić Polyclinic team.
One of the favourite journalists from Radio Dalmacija stood up from the wheelchair, but now she has to continue her battle: 'Help me, I want to work, not be an invalid!'
I have moved my toe! I knew it, I have always known in my heart that the answer is in Dubrovnik. I would crawl until here if dr. Glavić hasn't given me this gift. Crawl! Because, intuitively, I knew that I would do it, and I did it, thank God. From my heel I have drown an impuls and it is continuing his journey! I cannot even describe my happiness.

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