The Polyclinic is experiencing a significant breakthrough with an extraordinary step forward from the framework of classical treatment of neurological patients by introducing neurorehabilitation with the most sophisticated contemporary robotic devices. With further development of neurology and physical therapy, Polyclinic Glavić has created a neurorehabilitation department by buying an Armeo Spring - device for rehabilitation of upper extremities, from the shoulder to the hand.

First Lokomat in Croatia

For the excellent rehabilitation results on robotic devices, as a logical sequence, the Polyclinic acquires the crown of neurorehabilitation - Lokomat - a technologically advanced robotic device for lower extremities rehabilitation and walking improvement. Except for Lokomat, Polyclinic Glavić has extended its offer to patients and enabled the rehabilitation of the entire body by purchasing other remaining robotics devices such as Amadeo, Pablo, Myro, Tymo, and others.

April, 2017
2nd Lokomat- GLAVIC Clinic in Zagreb

As the leader of neurorehabilitation with robotics in Croatia and Southeast Europe, following further expansion of its scope of work, Glavic Clinic has opened the Glavic Clinic for neurology and physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as the first neurorehabilitation center with robotics in the very center of Zagreb. It is also a reference center for robotics in Southeast Europe.

July, 2017
3rd Lokomat

Because of a great interest and outstanding medical improvement of the patients, Polyclinic Glavić Zagreb has bought another robotic device - Lokomat and completed its full body rehabilitation offer.

October, 2018
Reference Center EMEA region

Polyclinic Glavić has been proclaimed as the EMEA reference center for the world's largest robotic rehabilitation firm Hocoma, and expanded the size of the Polyclinic to 1000m2. To become a Reference center for the area of the whole Europe, Middle East and Africa with the whole Russian Federation and India, ie. to be a Reference center in the area that covers 136 countries and the population of 4 billion people, for every health institution in the world is the biggest recognition of expertise and contribution to the development of the world’s medicine.

October, 2018
First Ekso-GT in Croatia

Ekso GT for correct and independent walk, first in Croatia - in Polyclinic Glavić! Within the Zagreb center, in the rehabilitation room, a unique world pioneer in the field of robotics - Ekso GT, has been joined, helping to overcome the re-learning of the correct standing and walking in numerous neurological and orthopedic injuries, especially after a stroke and spinal injuries.

November, 2018
First C-Mill in Croatia

C-MILL - ‘THE KING’ of robotics devices for walk improvement with the simulation of the real environment has arrived in the Polyclinic Glavić, and it is the only one in Croatia. After the arrival of C-MILL device in Polyclinic Glavić, Croatia has become one of a few countries in the world whose patients have the possibility to make rehabilitation on this unique device. The crown of the walk rehabilitation is precisely walking in the real environment, so accordingly, this device is the crown of all of our 23 robotics and virtual reality rehabilitation devices we own in our Polyclinic.

September, 2019.

Meet GLARTHnet - a unique e-platform for optimisation and quality work of the Polyclinic and patient follow-up. Polyclinic Glavić has become richer for GLARTHnet - a unique, integrated system and information platform for managing business processes, content and documentation within organisations. The platform's purpose is to establish efficient electronic business within the organisation and effectively communicate with patients, users, and business partners. GLARTHnet is a comprehensive digital tool designed to provide users information from the field of work of Polyclinic, in addition to which the program offers patients information about therapies, insight into their findings and only follow-up of patients. We are proud that patients have access to the most modern technology that they use worldwide experts, the status that the Polyclinic respects today, is primarily due to its knowledge and dedication specialists and physiotherapists who are trained in all types of issues related to neurorehabilitation.

August, 2020.
Moving to our new headquarters - in Zagreb

After many years of work, experience and positioning robotic neurorehabilitation at the very top of world medicine and significant and constant investment in our staff and medical equipment, we have made a big step forward and moved our business to a new, own building located in downtown Zagreb in Marijana Derenčina 3 street. We want to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to each of our employees for their selfless efforts and the patients they trust in our entire team, which is why we decided to take this excellent business step. We look forward to your visits to our new space, a new address for hope, and a more independent life.

April, 2021.
GLAVIC Clinic Split

Apart from moving to a new building in Zagreb, another success in the challenging Covid-19 time, the Glavic Clinic is counting on the start of its third polyclinic in Croatia. In the Split Health Center, the Glavić Polyclinic has placed part of its robotic devices for the whole body and, in addition to conventional physical therapy, also conducts occupational therapy with adults and children.

June, 2021.

GLARTHapp is a comprehensive digital tool designed to provide users information from the field of work of the Polyclinic; in addition, the application offers patients information about therapies, insight into their findings and only follow-up of patients. By using such a platform, we believe that our patients and employees will benefit from one sovereign and an easy way to provide helpful information and to give users of the application itself information about work of the Polyclinic, but also many other benefits. We approached the project individually in order to meet all the wishes and needs of our patients, users and employees. During the development, we used the most modern technologies, followed world trends, and ensured we respected all standards. From the very beginning, the Glavić Polyclinic strives to keep up with the times and new technologies, as s robotic devices as well as with the unique e-platform GLARTHapp.

April, 2022.
The 4th Lokomat in Croatia

We are proud to present that our Polyclinic has become richer for the fourth Lokomat and the the most modern robotic device for gait rehabilitation in the world - LOKOMAT Pro FreeD, intended for adults and children. The device can be found in our latest and newly opened Polyclinic in Split, Croatia.


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