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About Polyclinic
Art and Medicine

The integration of art and medicine represents a new period in patient care

The goal and purpose of art and medicine is to, while relaxing the patients, prepare them physically and psychologically and this way to contribute to a more precise diagnosis and more effective treatment. Polyclinic Glavić, through the collaboration of the patient and the doctor, through art, wants to increase the trust in the health service and send a message of importance of the overall condition of the patient.

The first segment is the influence of integration of art and medicine on the ambience. The segment of ambience helps in the knowledge and transmission of feelings for which words are not adequate, in coming to the knowledge of new perspectives for their own emotions and sometimes to the realization of the real cause of the problem. In a comfortable and safe environment, the patient will feel relaxed and ready to improve their health condition.

The second segment is the expression of feelings, mood and condition. With the help of art expression, the individual is left to his/her emotions which are shaped and recognized through the language of art. Expressive psychotherapy leads to the construction of bridges between the unintegrated parts of the overall being and generally achieve socio-psychological integration that enables a better quality of life and a  healing environment that can calm every individual.

The third segment of integration is medically proven and verified - treatment with art. Art affects the reduction of pain, anxiety, depression, stress and the consequences of stress such as various psychosomatic illnesses. It increases feelings of self-worth, self-satisfaction and self-confidence, and positively affects cognitive functions. Through their previous experiences, people experience aesthetics of art differently, which creates some new experiences for them and discourages them from thinking about their physical condition.

Integration of art and medicine in Polyclinic Glavić is realized through pictures and music. Musical influence can be identified, measured and predicted, and sets the foundation for applying music to scientific medical purposes. Ambiental music affects heart, pulse and blood pressure. It slows down and evens the brain waves, and brings the breathing in rhythm by concealing unpleasant sounds and feelings. It relieves muscular tension by improving body movements and coordination.


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